Our Approach

Who better to teach and guide us than those who have lived it?

Housing Kent recognizes the value of raising the voices of people with lived experience from anywhere on the housing continuum. We are committed to ensuring our efforts reflect the lived experience of those most impacted by the housing crisis. We partner with organizations that serve individuals and families who are at various stages of the housing continuum. Our community partners provide critical insights on how best to serve Kent County residents.

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No one group is responsible for the housing crisis, and no one group can solve it alone.

Rather than searching for a silver bullet, our community and partners recognize the complexity of our challenge, and we’re responding in a collaborative and aligned manner. We’re a coalition of representatives from many sectors with a deep interest in eliminating housing instability.

Our Approach

To reach our goal of becoming a more equitable county for housing by 2042, our community must work together.
We’ll achieve transformational change by:

Guiding vision and strategy

Establishing shared measurement practices

Cultivating community engagement and ownership

Supporting aligned activities

Advancing policy

Mobilizing resources

The Collective Impact Model

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Partner with Housing Kent to
support Kent County residents

Your input and participation are vital to this movement. We welcome community members, organizations, and businesses in all sectors to connect with us. We’re looking for people to serve on our community-based councils to address the different aspects of housing instability. Or you might also serve as an action team member for shared data measurement, community engagement, eviction prevention, and policy and advocacy.