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Growing Away from the American Dream

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Homeownership Affordability


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The Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) below are the vital markers of a healthy housing system. They represent four core areas of housing system health: homeownership affordability, rental housing affordability, homelessness, and equity. To browse the full list of housing metrics we track, visit the Housing Metric Library.

KPI 1: Homeownership Affordability

The median annual wage should be enough to afford an entry level home, but the American dream is slipping away. The entry-level home requires an income of $62,000, while the median annual wage is $43,000.   Explore to KPI 1: Homeownership Affordability learn more.  

KPI 2: Rental Housing Affordability

A tightening housing market has led to skyrocketing rents. Rents grew twice as fast as wages from 2015-2022, no longer promising a reliable alternative to homeownership.

Explore KPI 2: Rental Housing Affordability to learn more.

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